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Our story

The RBC Story

Randy Bridges has been a business owner since 2008, and his calling has always been to use his key strengths that help clients perform their best.

Today, RBC is focused on Operations improvement, and we marry that improvement skill with a Technology background to implement strategic systems that provide end-to-end support for law practices and firms.

Drawing on 35+ years of Operations experience, our Law Practice Accelerator platform is geared to address the unique needs of attorneys and other professional service owners … with a focus on streamlining the Operations through Systemization and Workflow Automation … while also allowing the Market to scale how the practice develops and runs over the long haul.

With our platform, we’ve seen clients

  • 6X their retainers in under 6 months
  • Re-invest and pay for new business systems
  • Re-tool employees to manage those systems
  • Scale client outreach, resulting in faster case resolution.