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Law Firm Brief

The client chose RBC and staff to grow the practice, manage client acquisition and stabilize internal productivity across all staff, both inside and outside the business location.


Tax Firm Technology Case

One of the biggest challenges that ATP faced was getting access to the client's financial information so that accurate projections, records and timely tax filings could occur.


Manufacturing Brief

Management wanted to replace their system resources with these goals: increase the overall network uptime; stabilize email delivery; improve Internet speed; and increase network security for the business.


Real Estate Technology Brief

The client organization is a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), and is headquartered in Oakland, CA. They provide single-family rental homes in 22 locations across 10 states with a staff of approximately 700 employees.


Bulletproof Legal Advertising Formula

You might be surprised to learn that many lawyers believe advertising is either too expensive or carries too much risk. It's a common misconception, but I'm here to share insightful advertising secrets that will change your perspective on advertising forever.


Five "Mistruths" of Legal Advertising

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